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Pat Rafter to be the face of Mantra Hotels, Resorts and Apartments

Mantra Hotels Resorts and Apartments next week launches Australia's largest accommodation marketing campaign.

The $5 million campaign, featuring one of Australia's favourite family-men and all round nice guys Pat Rafter, will be rolled out over the next year.

The campaign, which is refreshingly different, because it presents travel in a realistic light starts on Sunday July 10th and will involve television, radio, print, digital and PR elements.

Mantra's Director of Marketing Ken Minnikin said that the campaign will focus on the physical and emotional needs of the business and leisure travelers.

"In a corporate context, the ads show that business travel is not as glamorous and as glitzy as non-corporate travelers expect. The leisure campaign focuses on the Great Australian Family Holiday and the desire for the family to come together in spacious accommodation that they use as a base to get out and explore their holiday destination," said Mr Minnikin.

As an ambassador, Pat Rafter, former world number one tennis player, captain of the Australian Davis Cup team, father of two and brother to eight has signed a three-year deal with Mantra.

"Pat Rafter was the logical face for our campaign because he is a highly successful businessman and sportsperson - who travels extensively for work and sport - but he also has particularly strong family values," said Mr Minnikin.

"It's not just that he is an incredible sports person and a former Australian of the Year. It's more than that. It is Pat's well earned reputation for honesty combined with his down to earth nature which made him such a perfect match with Mantra."

Mr Minnkin said the new campaign is based on formal research as well as guest feedback. Business travelers cite some negative associations with travel including being away from their family and friends, living out of a suitcase and not having the personal comforts of a home-like base.

"Whether our guests are travelling for business or pleasure, they tell us that one of their main concerns is their family. When they are travelling for business they miss their family. When they are travelling for leisure, they want their family to be comfortable and entertained."

Both types of travelers said their top requirement was to have space in their accommodation and to be in a convenient location.

The two commercials and were shot on location at Mantra on Salt Beach near the Gold Coast and at Mantra 2 Bond Street in Sydney over 24 hours.

Pat Rafter said he has experienced different styles of accommodation all over the world.

"It doesn't matter whether I am travelling on the job or with the family, I really appreciate space and room to move in my accommodation," said Pat.

"One of the main things that attracted me to Mantra was their genuine concern for the comfort of their guests as well as the apartment style accommodation located in all of the best bits of Australia."

"I travel all over the country for tennis and for business and you can bet that wherever I want to go that you will find a Mantra there," he said.

"However, my most important travel each year is our family holiday. I try to take a few a year and whether it is a trip to the Great Barrier Reef, a long weekend at the beach or even a road-trip along the Great Ocean Road, the whole family is catered for. We use our accommodation as a comfortable base and from there we just get out and explore."

Mantra Resorts, Hotels and Apartments is Australia's fastest growing accommodation brand. The portfolio features around 50 properties in Australia and New Zealand, offering a choice between leisure and corporate oriented properties.

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