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BreakFree GM brings baby back to life
When a panicked mother ran screaming with her limp newborn baby into the reception area of BreakFree Noosa International on October 5, General Manager Jason Isbester's instinct's kicked in to save the day.

Mr Isbester, 27, who has been GM for 10 months at the popular Noosa Heads holiday resort in Edgar Bennett Avenue, thanks a recent Senior First Course he and other resort staff underwent, for helping him know exactly what to do.

"It was 9am on the dot and I was the only one there, in my back office going through my emails, when I heard the door open and the woman screaming," says Mr Isbester.

"I bolted out and saw it was a Korean lady who lives across the road from our resort and speaks very little English - her baby was pale and limp and looked like it wasn't breathing."

Mr Isbester said he grabbed the baby - a 6-week-old girl - and positioned her over his arm and cleared her airway as he rushed to the phone to call the ambulance, holding the phone with his chin and shoulder as he continued to help the baby.

"I cleared the airway and the baby started crying and I tell you what, I've never felt so glad to hear a baby cry," he said.

He followed the phone operator's instructions and put the baby over his shoulder, while waiting for the ambulance, and had more good news - the baby vomited down his back, helping to clear its airway again.

"I was just happy to help out, and later that day the baby's father came in to say thanks and let us know the emergency happened when the baby had choked on milk, but was now recovering well." 

Mr Isbester says he and 12 BreakFree Noosa International staff from housekeeping through to management, underwent the full-day first aid course in August, as part of the policy that there are always staff on duty around the clock with current first aid training.