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BOB EASTFY15 was another successful year of portfolio growth for Mantra Group and in the year ahead, acquisitions will remain central to our growth, as we seek to capitalize on our financial capacity to invest and favourable market conditions.

Over the past two years, we have successfully refined our expansion priorities and investment criteria, to form a clear picture of Mantra Group’s most desirable future hotel assets, as we surge beyond 120 properties. Right now, we are actively seeking appropriate expansion opportunities in CBD, major gateway leisure destinations, and selected offshore destinations, with the intention to deploy our readily available investment funds.

Our approach to future expansion will be characterised by a range of funding, equity participation, leasehold and management solutions, demonstrating Mantra Group’s adaptability and preparedness to genuinely collaborate with hotel owners and developers. For developers of greenfield sites, our development team has particular expertise in this area and I encourage you to contact us about a range of options we regularly deliver for new build opportunities.

In closing, at a recent Australian Institute of Company Directors event, I presented a tourism industry overview and highlighted some current travel trends out of China. These statistics continue to astound and the recent Chinese visitor arrivals to Australia reinforce the amazing growth opportunities for our tourism sector. I have no doubt that Australia is well placed to receive an increasing share of the estimated 130 million travellers from China next year and we will be working hard at Mantra Group to be one of the beneficiaries of this important market.